Galactic Nano Bond



Galactic nano bond™ adheres to the surface creating a protective clear-coat finish

Galactic nano bond™ creates a surface that beads water and resists dirt

Covalent bonding is a chemical bond that is formed by the sharing of one or more electrons to an atom

This chemical reaction occurs once galactic nano bond™ is applied to a surface, thus becoming part of the surface

Galactic nano bond™ is powered by nano particle technology

Galactic nano bond vs. Waxing

Guarantees that your paint, glass, molding, rubber, and wheels maintain that new motorcycle look

Paint: increase uv protection. Easy removal of road grime, road salt, hard water spotting, acid rain, bird droppings, & bugs

Glass: water rolls off glass, and removing bird droppings and bugs has never been easier

Molding & rubber: extends the life of the molding and maintains a new appearance

Wheels: easy removal of road grime and brake dust

Chrome: maintains the new gloss finish.