Invisible Theft Protection


The Powerguard Invisible Theft Protection System, installed on the vehicle at the time of purchase in the form of an invisible etch label, guarantees to the Registered Owner that the system will be an effective deterrent against theft. In the event the system fails and the vehicle is stolen and not recovered within thirty (30) days, the customer will receive a Replacement Allowance of up to $2,500.00 or up to $5,000.00, towards the purchase of a replacement vehicle at the Original Selling Dealership to be used within 120 days of Date of Loss.


Primary Deductible Reimbursement: Alternatively, if the vehicle is stolen and RECOVERED within thirty (30) days, the registered owner will be reimbursed the comprehensive amount deducted by the insurance company in their settlement with the respect to the deductible up to $500.00.